Inner Core.
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Enemies of Middle Earth by Marko Manev.

I think the people below me are listening to Fuckin’ Problems on repeat…

Title: Hoods Up

Artist: Street Smart Cyclist


Street Smart Cyclist - Hoods Up

when i would talk talk talk
you were always there to listen
to everything i had to explain,
which would mean nothing at all.
and i thank you, i thank you for that.
and i love you, i love you for that

Art history meme. 
1/1 quotes

"The sun is god."
— J.M.W. Turner, alleged dying words


Katie Vernon

Title: Killing Time

Artist: Oddisee

I hate people who have school spirit..


Shiva, Garhwal Himalaya (photo: Mick Fowler)

 yigit uygur

Title: Dream Koala

Artist: Odyssey


Dream Koala - Odyssey

All these landscapes I wish I’d seen…


Dream Koala shot by Anton Renborg


im laughing so hard this pic looks like it belongs on joffrey’s instagram or something like “king’s landing vacay gettin tipsy with the betrothed #turnup”  

Title: Coast Is Clear (feat. Chance The Rapper)

Artist: Skrillex


Skrillex | Coast Is Clear (feat. Chance The Rapper)