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I found an 06 RSX type-S with 25k miles on it.

Going to go look at it tomorrow.

So excited.


Passing Clouds- Jon’s Type S by the bay

Port Washington


Title: Talking Backwards

Artist: Real Estate

elliot-rosewater said: keep it up you’re doing great, cham

To:  All 8 of my actual followers,

There is no way this guy is for real. Also everyone should follow this guy because he is super cool.



I realized my blog has basically turned into stupid shit I buy with a few songs here and there… I apologize to people who follow me and take the time to look at my blog.

I’m so in love with my new shoes.



Title: Rock Bottom (demo)

Artist: King Krule

Guys.. I cancelled the tablet. 

I feel much better

Well this only took like 3 months to be mailed…

I hate when there is no work to do at work.

I just bought a 300 dollar tablet.

Idk why I bought it though…

I don’t need a tablet. 

What am I doing………………..

Title: Retrograde

Artist: James Blake


James Blake // Retrograde

Title: Monarchs

Artist: Signals Midwest


Signals Midwest - Monarchs


The volcano Bárðarbunga, Iceland’s second-highest mountain, began to erupt on August 31st, reportedly flinging lava as high as a hundred and ninety feet in the air. Take a look at additional photos on Elements.

Top and bottom: Eggert Johannesson/AP, Middle: Stefano Di Nicolo/AP