Inner Core.
Music, Bagels, Orange Juice

I just cut off a bunch of my hair. Idk what I’m doing.

Apartment shopping sucks.


Kate Shaw 

Title: Drag Blood

Artist: Comadre

Title: Spanish Sahara

Artist: Foals

Spanish Sahara - Foals
I’m the fury in your head
I’m the fury in your bed
I’m the ghost in the back of your head

I haven’t been drunk in so long it’s upsetting….

(by ohhector)

Title: No Brains

Artist: Posture & the Grizzly


Posture & The Grizzly - No Brains

"Try to talk about nothing, for real? 
I am trying to hear you out 
Cause I’d rather talk shit on the pavement or burn a cigarette 
Then talk to you right now 
Way two different personalities 
We fuck when our worst comes out 
If you’re excited then I’ll use it 
Piss my name in the ground 

We’ll lately I fall asleep on the drives home 
You fall asleep with your clothes on 
We hold hands but we don’t talk”

I’m obsessed with podcasts.

They make work and commute bearable. 


Jaguar F-Type Project 7 ‘2014


Title: Dendron

Artist: The Hotelier


Title: Coffee

Artist: Sylvan Esso


Sylvan Esso

white winters, warm coffee

Title: Wet And Rusting

Artist: Menomena


Menomena - Wet And Rusting